Importance Of Gomutra In Ayurveda With Additional Reference Of Panchagavya:

Since thousands of years, we worship cow as “KAMADHENU”, the God who fulfills our desire. We worship cow as the mother of all entities, which gives all pleasures to everyone. Even when a mother is unable to feed her baby with milk, the cow’s milk meets the need. Hence by all such reasons cow is considered as the mother and also respected her with offerings and poojas. Similarly the products obtained from cow are also beneficial to all mankind in many ways.

The urine, milk, ghee, curd and dung obtained from cow are beneficial in different ways as food supplement, medicine, etc. Collectively these 5 products from cow is called as PANCHAGAVYA, which holds its own importance in spiritual and medicinal aspects. In India, we use panchagavya as such or in single or in combination with other drugs for medicine and spiritual uses traditionally. Similar to sweet man use milk of cow from birth to death, hence it is also called asaajanmasaatmaya. But in general the importance is much given to milk and milk products other than the rest four obtained from cow.

When we consider panchagavya, the reference says:
Gavyam pavitram cha rasayanam cha patthyam cha hrudayam
Balam bhuddhi syaat aayupadam raktavikaara hari
Tridosham hrudrogam vishaapaham syaat.
which means – panchagavyam is as purest as Gangajalam, the greater elixir, the proper diet which is pleasing to heart, gives mental strength by enhancing intellect, enhancing the quantity and quality of life, and cures the disorders arising due to intoxicated blood disorders. It balances the tridosha, cures heart related disorders and best in pacifying the effects of poisons.

Yattwak asti gatam paapam deham tistatti mamke
Praashanaat panchagavyasya dahasagniriva dhanam
which means – from skin to bones whatever sins (diseases) are in my body are destroyed by panchagavya just as a fire destroys fuel. Similar is the effect of panchagavya in human body.

Hence panchagavya is been given much importance in both medicinal and spiritual aspects. Therefore similar to milk, importance has to be given to other four products also. It has to bring into practice.

In concern with Gomutra the spiritual, medicinal and traditional values are higher. Traditionally, Gomutra is being sprayed in courtyards and home for its holy purpose. When sprayed, it is said to bestow all happiness, purity, prosperity, positive health, wealth etc. Cow is considered as dwelling place for all God and Goddess. Since ancient times people own cow and feed with care for cultural values. They also make use of cow in getting milk and other products. Further looking in higher level in Hindu dharma cow is pet of majority of God and Goddess like Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathy, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Lord Ragavendra etc to name a few. Thus feeding and taking care of cow is considered as an auspicious duty in Indian tradition and spiritual system.

1. It prevents heart disorders.
2. It maintains equilibrium of water content and acid – base balance.
3. It cleans kidney and liver and strengthens their activities.
4. It cleans all channels of body and also opens obstruction in channels thus can even reach brain. Hence it is highly indicated in all disorders of brain/ neurological conditions like apasmara, unmade, atattvabinivesha , compulsive disorders and other psychiatric complaints.
5. It is potent anti-poisonous.
6. It removes the deposits of other chemical residue taken during any long term drug therapy.
7. It enhances the function of respiratory system.
8. It enhances the function of nervous system.
9. It enhances the mobility of smooth muscles.
10. It clears the viscous obstructions in blood vessels.
11. It enhances the complexion of skin.
12. It enhances metabolic activity of cells.
13. It accelerates the sexual centers and there by improves reproductive system.
14. It enhances tissue metabolism.
15. It slows down aging process.
16. It detoxifies blood and hepatic circulation.
17. It enhances production of bile and pancreatic secretions.
18. It corrects menstrual disorders.
19. It boosts immunity power by increasing the resistance power.
20. It maintains the level of insulin by enhancing the function of pancreas.