Bio Mix

D’Organica Biomix is a well balanced and a unique blend of selected species of microbes which fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil making it available to plants.

Gardening Product Description

D’Organica Biomix is a homogeneous blend of fully decomposed non-toxic Eco friendly organic manure enhances the porosity and a void of growing medium added with nitrifying bacteria, other micro organisms which stimulates growth enzymes ; and several other micro and macro nutrients. It has been blended with due consideration of water scarcity in Chennai city for enhancing water holding or retention capacity of growing medium by active absorption of water. Technically it prevents 20% to 30% water less due to evaporation.
Being Organic it is 100% eco friendly and free from toxic chemicals. It is available in 1 kg/2 kg/5 kg packing. Bulk supply is also done on request.


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